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Denelle Marie Smugala - Marketing Director

My marketing passion has found me in board room meetings with complex strategies and in backroom meetings where chicken-scratch on a napkin was the plan. I work in collaboration with both a creative team and business executives to make an invisible idea come into life and then reach into an ever-increasing big bag of marketing tools to get the message in front of the target audience.


As a bonus, I get to use those same skills, but with complete creative freedom as the publisher of the 573 Print and Digital Magazine where we showcase the best of southeast Missouri. And, to keep life interesting, I volunteer my business knowledge, visual skills, and marketing expertise in the independent film Interviewing Monsters.


In my endeavors of chasing my marketing & advertising career, I have sharpened my business skills and have learned to effectively run and grow businesses which ultimately has made me a stronger marketer because I have a first-hand understanding of the impact marketing has on an organization.

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